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Why Switzerland is one of the most interesting e-Commerce destinations

Discover why the Swiss e-Commerce market is worth investing your business in
The e-Commerce market in Switzerland is well established and supported by a digital infrastructure with impressive reach. A stable country with a wealthy population and an openness to buying from overseas retailers, Switzerland is a great choice for businesses from the UK looking to expand into a new market.

Find out more about the Swiss e-commerce market

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Switzerland is a wealthy country with some of the highest purchasing power in the world, as well as well-established local infrastructure for logistics and the internet. This is a powerful combination for e-Commerce businesses looking for a market to invest in. 

If you’re ready to expand your e-commerce business overseas, Switzerland is a great choice. A well-established transport infrastructure and high local purchasing power present significant opportunities for brands looking to build links to a wealthy consumer base in this part of the world. 

The World Is Your Address

Founded in 2012, with operations worldwide, Asendia is a joint venture between Swiss Post and La Poste, we help businesses around the globe deliver to over 220 destinations.

We offer a wide range of mail and parcel services, supported by value added services including free shipping and tracking platforms and fulfilment services. Our values are trust, friendliness and ease of use.

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