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Grow Your Online Business with Cross-Border Mail & e-Commerce Solutions

Companies that are branching out into international markets face the challenge of effectively driving awareness to their brand. Rather than targeting several countries right out of the gate, why not start small? As a U.S.-bordering neighbor, Canada is an excellent starting point for businesses considering international shipping.

What You’ll Learn From This eBook:

  • How to attract new customers and drive awareness to your brand through direct mail initiatives
  • How direct mail can support e-Commerce businesses interested in expanding cross border to Canada
  • How e-Commerce and international shipping solutions can successfully get your product to your customer’s doorsteps

Download our complimentary eBook to learn how direct mail and parcel shipping solutions support e-Commerce businesses, and how these solutions will help expand your business to new audiences - especially online shoppers right across the northern border.

I’m Ready to Familiarize Myself with Cross-Border Direct Mail & Parcel Shipping

This is why we do what we do:

"We have now been working with Asendia for two and a half years and have been well looked-after. 

We have a constant dialogue with our Account Manager and often share ideas and innovation suggestions.

We have been pleased with the flexibility Asendia has proved to have to accommodate late and complex mailing jobs."