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Benefits Of Asendia’s Fully-Tracked Goods: The International Solution For Parcel Delivery Services

Offering a comprehensive and reliable home delivery service is a key component for any e-commerce business. Therefore, making sure this service exceeds your customer's expectations can be helped by the many benefits of Asendia's Fully-Tracked Goods international parcel delivery service.

Find out the benefits of a Fully-Tracked Goods service

In this ebook we will explore the following benefits of Asendia's Fully-Tracked Goods international parcel delivery service and what they mean for your business:

  • What it means for mailbox and personal deliveries
  • How it can provide your customers with a choice of delivery options
  • How failed deliveries can be avoided
  • How the process of customs can be simplified
  • and much more!

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High-density postal networks

There are a number of reasons why we choose to work with national postal operators. Perhaps the key reason is that this gives Asendia customers access to the highest density postal networks in the chosen country of delivery.

This is not only the most trusted way of receiving parcels for many customers but also offers flexibility not otherwise available. For example, customers often have special arrangements with the national post, such as alternative delivery points or post-box addresses where items can be delivered.

Reliable delivery, every time

Another reason we work with national postal operators is due to the long term knowledge and experience that they acquire of their own postal networks, as well as the service obligations they have.

This ensures that Asendia customers always get the best possible delivery service because the teams we work with have in-depth knowledge
of local private households, as well as the best way to ensure successful delivery.

An exceptional level of service

Asendia Fully-Tracked Goods solution for international parcel delivery has been crafted to offer a wide range of features that guarantee an exceptional level of service. For example, parcels sent with this service benefit from priority handling and delivery.

The use of denser postal networks and the option of mailbox delivery significantly reduces the number of failed first delivery attempts and the flexibility of the service ensures that there are price and speed options for all customers.

"With the rise of the marketplaces, the online shopper expects convenience as well as as fast and reliable delivery. Asendia E-commerce solutions allow to match these expectations by delivering items fast with tracking directly to  consumers' mailboxes."

Thomas Haumueller, Ecommerce Product Manager

The World Is Your Address

Founded in 2012, with operations worldwide, Asendia is a joint venture between Swiss Post and La Poste, we help businesses around the globe deliver to over 220 destinations.

We offer a wide range of mail and parcel services, supported by value added services including free shipping and tracking platforms and fulfilment services. Our values are trust, friendliness and ease of use.