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Optimising your e-Commerce business for International Returns

International e-Commerce is a large and vibrant market – forecast to grow to a value of $4.5 Trillion by 2021 - with huge potential for any business. Achieving success in this market means finding a strong logistics partner and getting to grips with the issue of international returns.

What to expect from the Asendia Optimising Returns eBook:

In this ebook we look at the impact of optimising your international e-Commerce returns for any business in any sector, including:

  • Benefits of International e-Commerce
  • Challenges with International Returns
  • e-Commerce International Returns Stats
  • and much more!

Download your free eBook

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established brand looking to expand, international e-Commerce provides a wealth of opportunities to boost the bottom line. If you’re keen to tap the international e-Commerce market, managing returns is going to be a key component of positive customer service.

* US online shoppers only, Bain & Co., December 2017
**International Post Corporation (IPC) e-commerce cross-border shopper survey, November 2017. 31 countries. Sample size: 28 892 completed responses for all the markets
***UPS’ company data, 2018

The World Is Your Address

Founded in 2012, with operations worldwide, Asendia is a joint venture between Swiss Post and La Poste, we help businesses around the globe deliver to over 220 destinations.

We offer a wide range of mail and parcel services, supported by value added services including free shipping and tracking platforms and fulfilment services. Our values are trust, friendliness and ease of use.