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Create an international returns policy checklist for your business

Online shopping is now one of the most popular online activities across the globe and there are huge opportunities for e-Commerce retailers, no matter where in the world you are based. If you’re looking to expand then why should you consider international selling and what part does an international returns policy have to play in your potential success?

What to expect from the Asendia Returns Checklist eBook:

In this ebook we will help you create an international returns policy checklist for your business, as well as:

  • Why you should expand into international e-commerce
  • A breakdown of international returns policies
  • Managing your customers expectations
  • and much more!

Download your free eBook

A well-planned and thought out international returns policy is good for business and could help you to establish your brand in a new market. It will be essential if you want to ensure that customers come back again and again.
* US online shoppers only, Bain & Co., December 2017
**International Post Corporation (IPC) e-commerce cross-border shopper survey, November 2017. 31 countries. Sample size: 28 892 completed responses for all the markets
***UPS’ company data, 2018

The World Is Your Address

Founded in 2012, with operations worldwide, Asendia is a joint venture between Swiss Post and La Poste, we help businesses around the globe deliver to over 220 destinations.

We offer a wide range of mail and parcel services, supported by value added services including free shipping and tracking platforms and fulfilment services. Our values are trust, friendliness and ease of use.