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High successful first delivery. Premium service without the premium rates.

Deliver Your Goods From Singapore Straight To Your Customers’ Mailbox In Over 48 Countries

  • Cost-Effective shipping solution for e-commerce and retail
  • Deliver straight to your customers’ mailbox
  • Fully-tracked from warehouse to doorstep

Get Special Rates For EU, US & AU

48 International Destinations

Partners with National Postal Services of France & Switzerland

2-10 days delivery to selected EU countries

Deliver On-Time, First-Time, Cost-Effectively With Trusted National Postal Operators

We partner with national postal operators to tap into their high density network, to ensure on-time deliveries and leverage on their in-depth knowledge of local delivery preferences to achieve high success rates for first-time deliveries.

Our solution of postal delivery can be more cost-effective as compared to other options.

Streamline And Integrate Your Business Operations With Our Shipping Tool

Access our Shipping Tool free of charge, where you can manage all your cross-border shipments every step of the way. Simply integrate it to your ERP tool, platforms or mobile APP.
- Order placement, labels generation and shipping documents creation

Save On GST For Transshipments

Reduce your transit time and save on VAT/ GST with our tax-free transshipment solution. Benefit by importing, storing, picking & packing and export your goods via our Singapore warehouse located in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) at Changi Airport.

Expedited Customs Clearance on
Postal Channels 

Swift and easy customs clearance at no extra cost.

Track Your Goods 24/7

Includes detailed shipment updates from departure, arrival to delivery.

Choose From A Range Of Customised Solutions

Get flexible solutions based on your needs: with add-ons like insurance for lost or damaged goods and delivery delays.

Asendia: A Trusted Partner

Boden: Online Fashion Retailer

Boden, an e-commerce fashion company, needed to distribute their direct mail and catalogues to France. Our one-stop solution helped Boden saved £40,000 (includes catalogue storage in Bedford, polywrapping and mailing 200,000 catalogues and processing catalogue requests).


Supernova owns four well-known brands; Bodyboss, SkinnyMint, Sand&Sky and Coco & Eve. Our distribution solution helps Supernova to reach its international customers with ease, saves time and costs effectively.

Our Satisfied Clients

For deliveries from Singapore Get Special Rates for EU, US & AU.

Enjoy Asendia’s one-stop international shipping solution today!

  • 48 International Destinations
  • Faster clearance with National Postal Operator Partnerships
  • Fast Delivery to selected EU countries

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1) What is fully-tracked goods mailbox delivery?

Asendia’s Fully-tracked goods solution allows your customers to receive parcels without any signature. This results in higher delivery success rates and faster transit time.

Your can utilize our free tool to generate shipping labels and track your shipment status online.

2) What parcels are eligible for this fully-tracked goods mailbox delivery?

This shipping solution is suitable for items less than £50 (~SGD 85)

3) What is the maximum size of items I am able to send?

Our Fully-tracked Goods (mailbox delivery) allow you to send packages with maximum dimensions < 900mm (Length + width +height).

4) Is there an actual weight limit for my items?

As with maximum dimensions, the same applies for maximum weight. This depends on our partner carriers and destinations.

Usually maximum weight is 2kg, except for Premium solutions (30kg maximum).

5) Are there any items I can't send with Asendia?

There are some items which Asendia cannot carry for legal or health and safety reasons.

The list of prohibited goods is including but not limited to illicit drugs, batteries, counterfeit or pirated articles, explosive or flammable goods and live animals.

6) Which countries can I deliver my goods to?

International destinations include the 48 countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Monaco, Great Britain, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Thailand, Turkey, USA.

To find out more about our attractive rates, please make a request via the enquiry form above.

Asendia: International Cross-Border Shipping Made Easy

Formed in July 2012 as a joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post (national postal services of France and Switzerland), Asendia is one of the world’s leading international ecommerce and mail shipping providers, offering a diverse range of cross-border services for business and commerce.

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